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contract manufacturing in mechanical engineering

The term "contract manufacturing" describes the process in which the manufacturer builds products, equipment, or components precisely according to technical drawings provided by the customer. The design specifications are explicit and usually linked to performance and quality requirements.

… our benefits for you

  • we offer you an excellent price/performance ratio, tailored to your budget
  • optimized and cost-efficient processes plus a reduction of investments and trainings which conventionally would have to be initiated and arranged by you
  • independent contracting will allow you to freely choose your design engineer, your supply chain, your manufacturer, etc.
  • we respond promptly and fast for your flexible and versatile planning requirements
  • within the framework of process transparency and traceability, we provide you with all data and reports relevant and required for conformity and quality
  • you will be able to streamline your capacities by outsourcing processes that are not within your area of excellence

… our competences for you

  • many years of experience in contract manufacturing for our international customer base across all industries
  • experienced management team, headquartered in Germany
  • state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise, methods, facilities, and machines
  • a high degree of quality awareness, standards, and performance

… our offer for you

  • the manufacture of any machinery, equipment and/or components requested and ordered by you, in strict compliance with your design, performance, and quality specifications and requirements
  • a sustainable optimization of fabrication, assembly, testing procedures, supply chain, and service
  • cost monitoring and control in all individual production phases – no hidden fees, no unexpected charges
  • a consistent prioritization of quality, reliability, legal compliance, and safety at every stage of the decision-making and manufacturing processes 

SLE contract manufacturing -
we look forward to making our production resources available to you.


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