Cleanroom – Your Lab for In-house Residual Dirt Analyses

The requirements for technical cleanliness are steadily increasing, and thus no longer play a role only in the automotive industry – it has become an integral aspect of quality control in the sectors of electrical and medical engineering and micromechanics as well. Technical cleanliness is defined by the admissible particle size and particle quantity.

Technical systems are very sensitive to solid particle contaminations of component surfaces. In order to avoid clogging, sticking, blockages, and the like, the components have to fulfil the respective standards of technical cleanliness. Because if there is a problem, and even if it is only in one single place, the entire process will come to a standstill. In order to prevent this from happening, the level of contamination is measured in the cleanroom – the test lab for technical cleanliness. In the process of this residual dirt analysis, the respective component is analyzed for prevalent particles to determine whether the applicable threshold values are complied with.

Your Benefit – Individual, In-house Cleanroom

  • high-quality test laboratory, customized to satisfy your individual requirements
  • development, design, and production in Germany – yet globally operating
  • long-term experience guaranteeing high process safety and long life cycle
  • stress-free, complete solution with either containers or customized solutions
  • in compliance with VDA 19 and ISO 16232
  • single-source development, design, production, training, and service/maintenance
  • time- and cost-efficiency due to in-house residual dirt analysis

Your Residual Dirt Laboratory

SLE Technology GmbH develops, designs, and produces customized cleanroom laboratories for in-house residual dirt analyses. With our many years of experience as a full-service provider we offer you a profound and comprehensive expertise in quality control systems, surface technology, component analysis systems and industrial parts cleaning.

Whether it is a compact container solution which we adapt to your space requirements, or an individual, customized solution, we design and produce precisely that particular cleanroom you need for your in-house residual dirt analyses. This way you create a healthy work environment in your company, as all emissions will fall below the admissible threshold values.

Technical Cleanliness – A Significant Quality Criterion

Technical cleanliness refers to the amount of particles on surfaces of parts and components. For this purpose, components will be sampled within the framework of a residual dirt analysis to determine the quantity, the size, and the nature of these particles. Certain threshold values, as specified in the customer's cleanliness standards, must not be exceeded here.  Producers and manufacturers are obligated to analyze components for prevalent particles on a regular basis. If the provisions are complied with, ideal conditions for a consistent product quality and functionality will prevail.

The term residual dirt refers to particles remaining on the part or the component after the last production stage has been completed. Unless these particles are removed, they may ingress in motors, engines, and gearboxes, for instance, and cause substantial damage which, in turn, will shorten the life cycle of the product. For this reason, technical cleanliness is a relevant quality feature which should be guaranteed consistently and sustainably. With SLE cleanrooms you will be able to create and control a clean environment for the residual dirt analysis of your products.


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