Residual Dirt ANALYSIS

Technical Cleanliness by SLE Technology GmbH

Even a minimum solid particle contamination of component surfaces within the manufacturing process may cause quality problems. For this reason, the technical cleanliness of components is becoming more and more important in many production processes, especially in the automotive industry.

The specifications for this area have been defined and stipulated by the directive of the German association of the automotive industry VDA19 on a national, and by ISO 16232 on an international level. These standards, for instance, classify various areas (i.e. define various cleanliness classes) which are decisive for the development and design of cleanrooms. It goes without saying that the cleanrooms SLE sells as well as industrial contract cleaning services and residual dirt analyses SLE conducts for its customers comply with these conditions.

The SLE specialist staff at the residual dirt laboratory has been qualified and certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for production technology and automation IPA as well as by the quality management center of the German association of the automotive industry VDA QMC.

Within production areas – in particular of the automotive industry – a controlled zone to meet the required cleanliness prerequisites is usually sufficient. Cleanrooms are only required in case of highly specialized manufacturing processes in which particles are analyzed significantly more sensitively, i.e. up to fractions of microns. And therefore, cleanrooms as well as the option of industrial contract cleaning services represent a cost-effective solution to meet the demanded technical cleanliness standards.

Extraction Technology Benefits Offered by SLE Technology GmbH

  • simple and quick operation
  • continuous, reproducible extraction processes due to closed single-circuit system
  • well-thought-out design avoiding particle cross-contamination
  • ergonomic working/operation conditions
  • use of SLE-Solv-III for wet sampling ensuring safe and healthy work environment in compliance with regulatory emission thresholds at workplaces
  • additional connection option for customer extraction system
  • flow-optimized extraction basin
  • infinite rinsing of components due to the continuous recirculation and treatment of  the extraction medium
  • analytical chamber with wall rinsing
  • quick blank value determination
  • high analytical process safety
  • development, design, and production in Germany
  • test facilities for technical cleanliness testing in compliance with VDA 19 and ISO 16232

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