Integrated Lubrication Systems
for the Application of
Lubricants and Preservatives

SLE Technology GmbH designs and manufactures customized, integrated solutions for a consistently even and optimized application of lubricants and preservatives during the production or processing of metallic continuous and/or single products. In the course of these processes, either anti-corrosion or passivation media will be applied which safeguard the impeccable quality of all manufactured metal components and assemblies, and furthermore protect the punching tools against abrasion.

Lubrication systems produced by SLE Technology GmbH ensure optimum wetting of processing surfaces.  Liquid media, with a comprehensive range of possible viscosities, will be applied at reproducible layer thicknesses. The SLE contact-free lubrication technology allows for the lubrication of most sensitive and/or uneven surfaces, without causing mechanical damage to the latter.

Perfect Integration of Lubrication Systems

Lubrication systems produced by SLE Technology GmbH may be integrated "in-line", i.e. in a continuous cycle, in any production process. Our specialists develop and manufacture customized lubrication systems (custom machine engineering) which may be precisely integrated in fully automated production lines.

With the user-friendly SLE control systems, quantities of media, throughput speeds, and most different variables may be controlled reliably and flexibly.

The SLE Technology GmbH product portfolio comprises as follows:

Continuous Preservation Systems

With SLE Technology GmbH continuous preservation systems, individual components, assemblies as well as entire engine blocks may be lubricated and/or preserved completely or selectively.  These spray lubrication systems can be very different in size, depending on the object(s) to be processed. The preservation and/or lubrication process(es) of metals is/are performed contact-free by means of two-substance nozzles.

The applied preservation/lubrication layer provides protection for punching tools, thus ensuring their extended service life.

Band Spraying Systems

Band spraying systems work just like continuous preservation systems. Only the components to be lubricated are different here. While in continuous preservation systems, single parts of metal are lubricated and preserved, band spraying systems focus on continuous products, such as punched strips before they are processed in the punch press.

Open spraying points allow for targeted, precise lubrication, as required for the lubrication of punches, for instance.


The Benefits of SLE Technology GmbH Lubrication Systems

  • high process reliability
  • standard systems and customized solutions
  • high-precision, contact-free lubrication
  • minimum quantity lubrication
  • excess media recovery
  • reliable and reproducible lubrication/preservation technology results
  • compliance with workplace-related emission limit values
  • premium quality as a result of longstanding, international experience – "Made in Germany" value label

We develop, manufacture, and distribute high-quality lubrication technologies, for which reason we are able to offer you full service for your system/plant – i.e. even after system/plant purchase and commissioning, we will remain your point of contact. Not only that SLE Technology GmbH provides you with a customized lubrication system, we will also support you with first-class consultation, analysis, and maintenance services. With our global network of branches we ensure you reliable services worldwide. We, furthermore, offer your staff professional training programs for a qualified handling of your lubrication system/plant.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication
for Maximum Efficiency

Our minimum quantity spraying systems for selective lubrication are extraordinarily economic options for applying the required process media consistently even and economically.  SLE Technology GmbH systems operate according to the principle "as much as necessary, as little as possible", which means:

  1. Minimum quantities of applicable media will be used. This follows the principle of a deliberate use of resources, on the one hand. On the other hand, this facilitates the removal of the media in the following production process.
  2. Any excess oil mist will be extracted/separated, filtered, and then returned to the process again.
  3. In case of band spraying systems, media application depends on the respective stroke number, i.e. the system will not spray consistently, but rather as required.

These properties contribute to a reduction of lubricant consumption of up to 70 percent, for which reason SLE Technology GmbH lubrication systems excel with maximum economic as well as ecologic efficiency.

Scopes of Application and Operation
of Lubricaton Systems

  • preservation of metals for anti-corrosion protection
  • passivation
  • lubrication for tool protection

SLE Technology GmbH lubrication systems are very frequently employed in the production of automotive functional components of metal, e.g. for the process of lubricating or preserving spherical shafts, slide bearings, ball bearings, and shift forks.


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