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With our many years of international experience in the sector of surface technology, we are able to offer you precisely those product innovations you need in order to significantly improve your competitive standing as well as to confidently and sustainably position your enterprise in the market. We are pleased to offer you added value for your business.


Our experienced engineering specialists, with their comprehensive, industrial backgrounds, plan and manage your individual project during the entire project term. By maintaining an ongoing, reliable dialogue with firmly assigned points of contact, we thus guarantee a successful implementation of the project commissioned by you, without any ifs or buts whatsoever.


Quality optimization is defined as a process requiring the highest level of know-how and expertise. In order to ensure that your SLE systems operate as intended, at optimum performance and efficiency, we transfer our know-how to your employees in product trainings, seminars, and workshops.

Service and Maintenance

With our international network of subsidiaries and partner companies, we are able to guarantee you reliable and responsive support and repair services – worldwide, on the spot, around the clock.

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