SLE Technology GmbH (Ltd) was founded in Grafenau, Lower Bavaria, Germany, in 1992. Within a short period of time, SLE Technology GmbH advanced to become a worldwide supplier of quality assurance systems for the production of wrap connections and cable harnesses.

In the last years, SLE has placed further emphasis on high-quality coating and finishing preservation systems in the area of surface technology. Beyond that SLE focuses on the product expansion of integrated solutions for surface cleaning in the sectors of industrial production: water-based cleaning systems, which can be used everywhere, in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Our quality and environmental policies indicate that holistic quality can only be provided if environmental protection is ensured at all times. For this reason, SLE Technology GmbH has implemented and maintains a quality management system in compliance with the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In addition to manufacturing and developing technologically advanced products, SLE Technology GmbH offers its business partners an optional, comprehensive service portfolio for the installation and maintenance of SLE systems. Nevertheless, it is our maxim that error prevention takes precedence over troubleshooting.

Our 90 employees are a valuable asset and the heart and soul of our company. Not only are they highly qualified in their fields of specialization, they also continuously improve their skills and expertise in advanced trainings units and programs.  Our corporate culture, relying on team work and lean management structures, allows our employees to feel like being part of the constantly growing SLE Technology GmbH family – and they, in turn, show their appreciation and commitment by providing exceptional work and excellent performances.

Aside from our business relations throughout Europe, the USA, and Asia, the integration of local suppliers has contributed to our competitiveness and enhanced responsiveness in the global market. Joint venture participation has furthermore strengthened our international customer contacts.


In addition to its core competencies as a leading, global expert for cleaning, coating, and analyzing the technical cleanliness of industrial components/parts (metal, plastic, ceramic, glass) as well as for the integration and optimization of processes in upstream and/or downstream sequences, SLE Technology GmbH is now also expanding into the business areas of automation and contract manufacturing. Already this year, comprehensive orders have been acquired, including cleaning automation projects, for instance, for a renowned, internationally represented German industrial group.

As part of the succession plan, Sitec Aerospace GmbH acquires 100% of SLE Technology GmbH.

20th Company Anniversary and Official Opening of SQE Company Building

On 14 September 2012, SLE Technology GmbH celebrates its twentieth anniversary. In her address during the official ceremony, Minister of State Emilia Müller congratulates SLE on its successful company history of 20 years and, at the same time, honours the company's loyalty to company location Lower Bavaria.

The continuous development of SLE business sectors requires the further expansion of the company premises.  SLE quality engineering GmbH & Co. KG relocates its crimp technology business division to the neighbouring "Lindner building" acquired in 2011. 

Business division crimp technology is transferred to a separate company – SLE quality engineering GmbH & Co. KG.

SLE Technology GmbH as of then solely focuses on its business division of surface technology.

Official Opening of the Expanded Production Building

The further development of the successfully launched and established quality control systems, premium lubrication and preservation systems as well as the integrated solutions for industrial surface cleaning have necessitated the expansion of the company building. For this reason, SLE Technology GmbH production relocates to a newly built production facility on the company premises. The divisions of administration as well as research and development, however, remain in the SLE main building. Aside from logistical advantages, this new step contributes to the highest degree of product protection and safety. "I deliberately did not want to outsource production to the Czech Republic, despite substantial loss of public financial support. I feel responsible for our region and, thus, for strengthening our economic area.", states Managing Director Josef Liebl as he explains his decision to forgo the benefits of potential EU funding.

Aside from the subsidiary in El Paso, USA, another subsidiary is established in Romania.

In close cooperation with PS electronic Singapore (SLE development and cooperation partner for more than 10 years) the Asian economic region – in particular China – is an essential growth market for the product and service portfolio of the dynamic German electronics manufacturer SLE Technology GmbH.

Official Opening of SLE Company Building

With an investment amount of approximately 1.5 million euros, the construction of a prestigious company building for engineering and production begins in the industrial area of Grafenau, "Reismuehle". One year later, in 1996, Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Otto Wiesheu officially opens the new company building.

Also in 1996, in the course of the "9. Deutschen Gründertage" (= German Business Founders Days), Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Otto Wiesheu recognizes SLE Technology GmbH with an award for outstanding achievements.

Company Foundation in Grafenau, Lower Bavaria, Germany

Young graduate electrical engineer (UAS) Josef Liebl starts his professional career with the idea of providing the automotive industry with "quality engineering" for the cable harness production. Josef Liebl remembers: "At that time I had the choice of either continuing to work as a developer in large German enterprises or contributing my expertise and ideas as an entrepreneur to my own company. A risky venture for sure. However, it had always been my great desire to use my education – which I regard as an investment of our parents' generation – for the benefit of my home region."

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