Rotary Basket Washer MICROCLEAN single 100/120

Cleaning System for Mechanical Parts

The MICROCLEAN single rotary basket washer is ideally suited for the automatic cleaning of mechanical work pieces.

MICROCLEAN single is available in two sizes:

  • MICROCLEAN single 100 – rotary basket diameter: 95 cm
  • MICROCLEAN single 120 – rotary basket diameter: 117 cm

For the cleaning process a spray nozzle system – consisting of nozzles which are arranged at the top, the bottom, and the side – is employed. While the basket slowly rotates past the spray nozzle system, the respective parts are thoroughly and consistently cleaned with a washing solution and pre-set pressure, specifically adapted to their individual properties and special features.

With the selection of the appropriate washing solution as well as the possibilities of setting temperature, pressure, and cleaning process duration, an optimum cleaning result will be guaranteed.

As a cleaning systems expert, SLE Technology GmbH will compile a combined offer on demand, precisely tailored to customer requirements, which includes the MICROCLEAN single rotary basket washer as well as the respective, specialized cleaning agents, suitable for the products to be cleaned.

Your Benefit:

  • closed cleaning system
  • environmentally friendly and water-based
  • integrated water treatment/purification
  • individual temperature setting options
  • individual cleaning duration setting options
  • individual cleaning pressure control options
  • customized cleaning concept with SLE combined offer
  • easy maintenance
  • long service life (approximately 25 years)

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