Continuous Cleaning Systems

In continuous cleaning systems for cleaning, etching, and passivating aluminum foils and strips, strips up to a width of 600 mm, at a line speed of approximately 10 meters per minute, may be high-pressure pre-cleaned, etched, passivated, and dried. Rinsing modules are integrated between the individual process steps:

  • cleaning chamber
  • etching and passivating module
  • cascade rinsing
  • rinsing module
  • drying module
  • alkaline spray cleaning
  • high-pressure cleaning
  • steam module


Further Benefits of Continuous Cleaning Systems:

  • integrable in manufacturing processes
  • automatic strip intake
  • closed circuit
  • integrated water and media treatment
  • integrated filtration

MICROCLEAN SC S200 Continuous Cleaning System by SLE Technology GmbH

MICROCLEAN SC S200 is a reliable, tried and tested continuous cleaning system for single parts/products. This system has been designed for inline integration in manufacturing processes which have to satisfy high technical cleanliness requirements for the production of industrial parts/components. MICROCLEAN SC S200 has an autonomous conveyor system, which may be precisely adapted to the respective customer application, as well as an integrated media treatment/purification system.

    Further Benefits of the MICROCLEAN SC S200
    Continuous Cleaning System:

    • closed cleaning system
    • environmentally friendly and water-based
    • integrated water treatment
    • and more

    MICROCLEAN compact e Continuous Cleaning System by SLE Technology GmbH

    A grease-free component surface is an essential prerequisite for the industrial processing of punched parts, such as coating/surfacing, soldering, glueing, welding, and alike. At the same time, the requirements with regards to the degree of residual dirt and permissible particle sizes, are increasing incessantly. SLE Technology GmbH responds to this trend with the further development and upgrade of their well-known and proven MICROCLEAN SC E80 cleaning system:

    MICROCLEAN compact e is a powerful, high-capacity cleaning system for continuous materials of variable widths. This cleaning system has been especially developed and designed for use in the sector of punching/forming technology. With a high-pressure circuit, through a cleaning and drying station, the MICROCLEAN compact e basic model reliably deburs continuous components and punched strips. However, MICROCLEAN compact e may be adapted to any requested adaptation requirements outside this particular branch of industry or field of application as well. The cleaning system has been designed to entirely avoid any potential formation of dirt traps, i.e. the media will be transported throughout the system and drained without any barriers/obstacles.

    Further Benefits of the MICROCLEAN compact e
    Continuous Cleaning System:

    • environmentally friendly, water-based cleaning process in a closed system with integrated media treatment/ purification
    • modular design/structure allowing for targeted adaptation to individual and highly complex cleaning tasks
    • extraordinarily low-maintenance
    • adaptation to reel-to-reel solutions eliminates the necessity of additional, time-consuming parts handling – reel-to-piece applications optionally available as well
    • and more

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