Integrated Cleaning Systems for
Single and Continuous Products

Industrial manufacturing demands clean surfaces as an essential and therefore indispensable prerequisite condition for guaranteeing high quality in the long term. The increasing performance of assemblies requires even smaller clearances. Component functionality very much depends on the quality and condition of component surfaces. And only with a high degree of cleanliness, any further processing such as coating/surfacing, soldering, glueing, welding, bonding etc. may be performed in a reliably safe and durable manner. As a result, the demands on technical cleanliness are increasing continuously. At the same time, components are becoming more and more complex, for which reason cleaning processes for industrial components – in particular for small and micro components – require higher performances as well.

Your Benefits with Premium Cleaning Systems:

  • higher productivity and shorter process times
  • highquality cleaning, meeting the requirements of technical cleanliness reliably and sustainably
  • reliable and reproducible cleaning results
  • increased and more sustainable functionality of industrial components and assemblies

Requirement-Based Component Cleaning Systems by SLE Technology GmbH

SLE Technology GmbH designs and manufactures customer-specific and/or process-specific, water-based cleaning systems, basing on a technology which reliably fulfills your requirements for technical cleanliness, in terms of efficiency and profitability, at highest levels. We develop demand-oriented, integrated in-line solutions for industrial component and small parts cleaning – including parts transport, cleaning and drying processes as well as media preparation and control. Any interlinkage with upstream and/or downstream processes and/or parts handling will be individually adapted to your conditions and requirements, or automated to that effect. As a result, you will achieve an optimum consistent and coherent process flow.

The SLE Technology GmbH cleaning system portfolio comprises standardized compact systems and complex customized solutions alike:

Continuous Flow Cleaning Systems

In continuous flow cleaning systems the cleaning process is performed in a continuous cycle, i.e. the items to be cleaned will not have to be removed from the process. The cleaning process may either be clocked or run continuously. Continuous cleaning systems are very versatile, as large quantities of both single as well as continuous products may be cleaned, which especially in the processes of small and micro components cleaning represents a distinct additional value.

Rotary Transfer Cleaning Systems

In general, rotary transfer cleaning systems are clocked, i.e. they have not been designed for continuous processes. These systems are very compact, and thus – if compared to continuous cleaning systems – more space-saving.


Depending on individual conditions and requirements, these two systems may be equipped with various different cleaning technologies:

  • spray cleaning
  • high-pressure cleaning or high-pressure deburring or high-pressure jetting
  • steam cleaning
  • rinsing
  • drying

Cleaning processes such as brush cleaning and deburring/deflaking – as, for instance, high-pressure deburring of safety-sensitive components – are usually rather integrated in continuous cleaning systems. Rotary transfer cleaning systems, on the other hand, are more often equipped with robotics.

The Benefits of SLE Technology GmbH Cleaning Systems:

  • high process reliability
  • application-oriented, customized solutions
  • service, maintenance, and training performed by SLE specialists
  • environmentally friendly use of water-based cleaning media
  • high energy efficiency due to low consumption of compressed air, electricity, and water
  • "Made in Germany" value label ensuring premium quality

As an internationally operating general contractor, SLE Technology GmbH will be your partner in all stages of developing, manufacturing, commissioning as well as in providing service and maintenance support for most various cleaning systems. Basing on our longstanding, comprehensive experience, our expert consultation services, our profound analysis, our individual and customized design and manufacturing as well as all related support, offered by us in the sector of industrial cleaning, we ensure full, single-source services. At all times, before, during and after commissioning your system, you will benefit from our close and personal cooperation. As a manufacturing company, you will find in us a competent partner – especially in a time, where the demands and requirements for cleanliness are perpetually increasing.

SLE Technology GmbH will thoroughly analyze your requirements, and design a customized, precisely made-to-measure system for you – from simple, manually-operated cleaning systems to fully automated special solutions, depending on the type and/or degree of contamination as well as on a pre-defined degree of technical cleanliness.

Filmic Contamination

The degreasing of components is an essential prerequisite for providing the required (adhesive) surface/primer for subsequent processes.  Any production-related residues, such as greases, emulsions, lubricating and/or protective oils, will have to be removed in order to apply coatings sustainably and durably as well as to ensure the unimpaired and reliable performance of subsequent processes, such as coating/surfacing, soldering, glueing, welding, bonding, and alike.

Particulate Contamination

In the metal-processing industry, yet also in the plastics industries, upstream processes leave residues. The employment of cleaning systems optimally prepares workpieces and components for subsequent processes or for final cleaning. And so, in particular the processes of high-pressure deburring or high-pressure jetting are especially suitable for the extraordinarily safety-sensitive components of the automotive industry.

Ultra-Fine Cleaning

In the process of ultra-fine cleaning – including small and micro components cleaning –, impurities and contaminations, in the form of finest, minuscule particles, will be removed from components, thus meeting applicable requirements for component cleanliness. This will ensure and provide for the best component surface conditions for subsequent processing as well as for their functionality.

Environmentally Friendly,
Water-Based Cleaning

All SLE Technology GmbH cleaning systems are environmentally friendly and water-based. Water-based cleaning media may be flexibly used with a wide variety of parts and components. Any filmic and/or particulate contaminations may be removed in a process-reliable manner. Water-based cleaning media are suitable for metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, among others.


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