Individually Integrated
Cleaning and Lubrication Systems

As a proven specialist in the field of technical cleanliness, SLE Technology GmbH has taken on the task to develop and design customized cleaning and lubrication systems. We use elaborate automation technology to optimally integrate these systems in your production process in order to achieve a maximum of economic and technical efficiency.

Based on our expertise in the areas of plant and custom machine engineering, we are very much familiar with the challenges of integrating cleaning and lubrication systems within a production chain. With this background knowledge, we are able to advise you comprehensively and analyze your individual situation as well as your requirements precisely.

SLE Technology GmbH integrated cleaning and lubrication systems distinguish themselves by:

  • a sustainably high productivity
  • optimally harmonized, integrated solutions for individual processes, i.e. combined processes
  • creating modular, and thus scalable, as well as reliably repeatable processes

YOUR Benefits

The basic objectives of automation, with the optimization and the linking or combination of production processes, are as follows:

  • increasing process safety and reliability
  • reducing production costs
  • increasing productivity
  • increasing production quality
  • preventing health hazards and risks

In order to achieve these goals, we employ the latest generation of automation technology and robotics as well as drive and control technology. So we integrate industrial robots in production lines, for instance, to perform subtasks, such as feeding/leading or packaging. We are able to specifically adapt any existing tools, devices, and grippers to your processes.  The possible degree of automation ranges from tools, simple devices, and handling systems to complex assembly lines.

SLE Technology GmbH System Integration for Comprehensive Handling Processes

Another distinguishing feature of SLE Technology GmbH cleaning and lubrication systems is the fact that any work steps performed before and/or after these processes may be taken into account as well. Typical upstream or downstream, automatable handling processes are as follows:

  • stacking and destacking
  • infeed and discharge / loading and unloading
  • aligning and positioning
  • packaging
  • joining, arranging, and sorting
  • separating/singulating parts
  • quality control (visual/optical inspection)
  • batch tracking

With the linking of these individual processes in an integrated handling system, i.e. by creating combined processes, we are able to achieve the best possible optimization of existing processes, and thus the highest possible, technical efficiency.

Whether it is the task of feeding components to the corresponding core processes, such as cleaning or lubricating, or integrated inspection and quality monitoring processes, or the controlled and properly oriented transfer of parts to subsequent processes – we optimize your complete process cycle and precisely attune it to your requirements, as per your specifications.

Thus, SLE Technology GmbH safeguards a consistently high quality for your entire process chain.

Plant Engineering, Integration and Automation –
a Full-Service Offer of SLE Technology GmbH

With our all-inclusive package you receive concentrated expertise and competence from one single source. As a general contractor, we will be your sole partner in the development, production, commissioning, service, and maintenance stages.

This way, we ensure quick and short coordination channels in our close and personal cooperation with you.

Integration of Cleaning and Lubrication Systems in Existing Process Chains

With our long-standing and proven experience and know-how, we are furthermore able to support you with the extension of your existing plant components. In case you wish to expand existing processes with (a) cleaning and/or lubrication solution(s), we seamlessly integrate it/them into your process chain.

So we create optimally harmonized, integrated solutions for combined processes, and thus a best possible economic and technical efficiency.


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